Influx of Facebook Page Plugin Support Tickets

Over the past few weeks to months, I’ve been inundated with support requests for the Facebook Page Plugin. The vast majority of these issues are with the plugin suddenly not showing anymore. In every instance, the issue has been due to audience restrictions set on the Facebook page. Most people are saying that it was displaying until just recently and now is not. As most of these issues have been caused by a country restriction, by this I assume Facebook has updated their location tracking and is bugged. Either that, or they are just preventing pages with location restrictions from displaying in an embed at all.

How to fix the issue

You can fix the plugin not displaying by removing any audience restrictions from your Facebook page. Ideally, you shouldn’t be restricting any countries from viewing your page for best results. If you do happen to have an influx of spam likes coming from a particular country, it is better to block that country than to only allow your country.

You should also be aware that adblockers will also prevent the plugin from displaying. If you have issues with the plugin displaying with no audience restrictions, ensure that any adblocker is disabled or your site is whitelisted.

Need Help?

As always, I provide support for the plugin and am more than happy to help resolve this issue (although reading the FAQs first is also a good idea). Head over to the contact page¬†and fill in your details and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Please also note any console errors in case of plugin conflicts.


If you’re using the Facebook Page Plugin I’d love to hear your feedback. There is currently a survey open where you can submit your thoughts on what works well and what could be improved. You can find the survey here.

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